View your Apdex score

Your Apdex score measures users' satisfaction with the response time of your web applications and services. The dissatisfaction score is the difference between a perfect Apdex score (1.0) and your app's apdex_t ("tolerating") score based on your Apdex settings.

To help identify and troubleshoot Apdex level changes that indicate poor customer experiences with your site, use any of these resources:

Apdex applies only to web apps or services. The Apdex chart in the UI appears blank for non-web transactions. To get a high-level overview of all your applications and services, use the entity explorer in New Relic One.

View Apdex score in APM

Apdex dissatisfaction levels of Tolerating (apdex_t) and Frustrated (apdex_f) indicate how slow site performance contributes to poor customer experiences in your app. For example:

  • 1.0: All responses are satisfactory.
  • Tolerating responses half satisfy a user. For example, if all responses are Tolerating, then the Apdex score will be 0.50.
  • 0.0: None of the responses are satisfactory.

To view the Apdex score for your web apps or services:

  1. Go to > (select an app) > Overview.
  2. From the APM Overview page, review the Apdex score chart.
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View your Apdex T value

Mouse over the Apdex [question mark icon] icon.

View summary information for any point in time on the chart Mouse over the Apdex score chart.
View detailed information about any point in time on the chart Click or drag anywhere on the Apdex score chart.
View the corresponding Apdex score for browsers Select the Apdex chart's Browser link.
Go directly to detailed Apdex information Go to > (select an app) > Transactions, then sort by Apdex or by Apdex most dissatisfying.

View transactions with highest Apdex dissatisfaction

Transactions at the top of New Relic APM's Transactions page often are good candidates for performance tuning or fixing errors. To view transactions with the highest Apdex dissatisfaction percentage:

  1. Go to > (select an app) > Transactions.
  2. From the Sort by options, select Apdex most dissatisfying.
  3. Specific web transaction: To view details about a specific transaction, select its row.
  4. All web transactions: To view a list of Apdex dissatisfaction percentages or export a file with comma-separated values, select Show all transactions table.

By definition, the All transactions row always contributes 100% of the app's total dissatisfaction, even if no responses are dissatisfying (100% of zero is zero). In this situation, 100% does not mean that all of your transactions are dissatisfying. The sum of all the other values in this column is 100%.

To focus on Apdex levels for specific transactions, you can also:

  • Configure transaction traces to capture apdex_f, which is four times your app server's apdex_t.
  • Create key transactions to track changes in Apdex values for specific transactions that are important to your business, such as signups, purchase confirmations, searches, site logins, etc.

View Apdex score in Browser

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