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Change your Apdex settings

Apdex T is the central value for Apdex. Apdex T is the response time above which a transaction is considered "tolerable."

You can define Apdex T values for each application, with separate values for app server and end-user browser performance. You can also define individual Apdex T thresholds for key transactions.

For a quick overview of why Apdex measurements matter, and how to know what threshold is right for your application, watch this short YouTube video (approx. 3:40 minutes).

App server Apdex settings

You can only change Apdex thresholds for apps that are actively reporting data. For example, if one of your apps is not reporting, you won't see its Apdex setting options.

The default Apdex T threshold for an application server is 0.5 seconds. To change the default application server threshold for web transactions:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > (select an app) > Settings > Application > Application settings.
  2. From the Application server section, set the Apdex T value (in seconds) for this application.
  3. Select Save application settings.

After you change Apdex settings, a black vertical bar appears in the main chart on the APM Summary page.

End-user (Browser) Apdex settings

The default Apdex T threshold for browser monitoring is 7.0 seconds. To change the default end user threshold for Apdex T:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > Browser > (select an app) > Settings > Application settings.
  2. From the Settings page, set the end user Apdex T value (in seconds).
  3. Select Save application settings.

Key transaction Apdex settings

You can set custom Apdex values for your key transactions. These values are independent of the APM and browser Apdex values for the key transaction's parent application. Key transactions will contribute to the overall Apdex score based on their own Apdex T values. The default values are inherited from the parent application.

Apdex alerting

You can also configure alert conditions for Apdex. When the Apdex score passes the threshold you define, New Relic sends an alert to the notification mechanism (channel).


For Apdex scores, set Warning (yellow) conditions higher than Critical (red) conditions for Apdex scores. This will help you monitor your customers' experience before the Apdex level falls below an unsatisfactory level.

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