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Ruby agent attributes

Attributes are key-value pairs containing information that determines the properties of an event or transaction. These key-value pairs can be viewed within transaction traces in APM, traced errors in APM, transaction events in dashboards, and page views in dashboards. You can customize exactly which attributes will be sent to each of these destinations.

These attribute settings apply to version 3.12.0 or higher of the Ruby agent.

Ruby agent attributes

The following table lists the attributes that can be automatically captured by the Ruby agent:

Adding custom attributes

To capture additional custom attributes from your application, use NewRelic::Agent.add_custom_attributes. For full reference see Collecting custom attributes. Defaults:

  • Transaction traces: Enabled
  • Error collector (traced errors): Enabled
  • Transaction events: Enabled
  • Page views (browser monitoring): Disabled


If you want to query your custom parameters or attributes, avoid using any of the reserved terms for naming them.

Upgrading the Ruby agent

When upgrading to Ruby agent 3.12.0 or higher, upgrade your newrelic.yml configuration.

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