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Ruby agent

As the first in New Relic's family of language agents, the Ruby agent combines years of proven stability with ongoing feature releases. Use the Ruby agent to:

  • Identify problems and improve your app's performance.

  • Monitor data from curated dashboards in APM, browser monitoring, and other New Relic capabilities.

  • Report data that you can query and visualize.

    To keep your agent up to date and ensure you have access to the latest features, see the Ruby agent release notes.

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Ruby app's Overview in APM

one.newrelic.com > APM > (select an app) > Overview: The APM Overview page includes charts and tables showing your Ruby app's performance at a glance, plus links to end user performance in browser monitoring, hosts monitored by infrastructure monitoring, and more.

Get started.

Discover Ruby agent capabilities and how to get up and running. Learn about New Relic's GitHub repository and rdocs.

Install the Ruby agent.

Follow standard installation procedures on supported JRuby or MRI versions, or use the Rails plugin on GitHub.

Configure the agent.

Customize a variety of data collection options. Enable distributed tracing.

Extend agent instrumentation.

Customize via method tracers, instrumentation, agent API, and more. Work with various gems and middleware supported by the Ruby agent.

Verify compatible frameworks.

Check the Ruby agent's version support for your web servers, web frameworks, databases, background jobs, HTTP clients, etc.

Troubleshoot common problems.

Scan the full list of Ruby self-service documentation to troubleshoot and solve typical problems quickly.

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