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PHP agent installation: AWS Linux, RedHat, CentOS

Our PHP agent auto-instruments your code so you can start monitoring applications. Follow this procedure to install New Relic's PHP agent for APM using AWS Linux 2, RedHat, or CentOS. Exception: If you have an earlier version installed, upgrade the agent instead.

Install the agent

Even though the package name for the PHP agent refers to PHP 5, the package works for all supported PHP versions, including PHP 8 versions.

  1. Make sure you have your New Relic license key accessible.

  2. Use either of the following ways to obtain the installation package:

  3. Install the agent and daemon using your preferred package manager:

  4. Run the newrelic-install script and follow the instructions.

    sudo newrelic-install install
  5. Restart your web server (Apache, NGINX, PHP-FPM, etc.).

  6. Generate traffic to your application, and wait a few minutes for it to send data to New Relic. Then, check your app's performance in New Relic.

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