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PHP agent attributes

Attributes are key-value pairs containing information that determines the properties of an event or transaction. These key-value pairs can help you gain greater insight into your application and annotate the data in New Relic. Both default and custom attributes are visible in APM transaction traces, distributed traces, and error analytics; and APM and browser events.

You can customize exactly which attributes will be sent to each of these destinations. Read on to learn about the PHP agent attributes, how to enable or disable them, and the rules the agent follows to determine which attributes to include or exclude for a destination.

PHP agent attributes

In addition to the default APM attributes, you can configure the following attributes in the PHP agent. See PHP agent (newrelic.ini) settings and Enabling and disabling attributes for more information.

Change where attributes are sent


All destinations are open to attribute collection by default in the PHP agent, except newrelic.browser_monitoring.attributes.enabled.

To change which attributes are sent to New Relic destinations:

  1. Open or close any destination to attribute collection by changing the .enabled destination property.

  2. Change the default attribute setting by adding the attribute name to the destination's .include or .exclude properties.

    See Attribute rules for which settings supersede each other.

Upgrading the PHP agent

When upgrading to PHP agent 4.9 or higher, upgrade your configuration file. For more information about deprecated properties, see Enabling and disabling attributes.

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