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Enable or disable attributes

Learn about properties to enable or disable attributes, and the rules that New Relic uses when determining which attributes to include or exclude for a destination. This also includes a summary of the PHP agent properties that have been deprecated with the release of New Relic agent attributes.


Use the following destination properties to open or close the destination to any attribute collection:

Use the following attribute/destination specific .include or .exclude properties to add or remove specific attributes in specific destinations:

Attribute rules

New Relic follows these rules when determining which attributes to include or exclude for a destination.

Deprecated properties

The following properties have been deprecated. Switch to the new attributes configuration for these properties when upgrading your PHP agent.

Deprecated property

New property


newrelic.attributes.include = request.parameters.*

By default, request parameters are not sent to New Relic. Add request.parameters.* to the newrelic.attributes.include list to turn on all request parameters. The newrelic.capture_params property has been deprecated.


newrelic.attributes.exclude = request.parameters.{name}

Add each request parameter key to the newrelic.attributes.exclude list, delimited by commas. Be sure to prepend the key with request.parameters. The newrelic.ignored_params property has been deprecated.



The old newrelic.{destination}.capture_attributes flag would turn off user attribute collection. This has been deprecated. Use newrelic.{destination}.attributes.enabled instead.

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