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PHP agent

The New Relic PHP agent monitors your application to help you identify and solve performance issues. You can also extend the agent's performance monitoring to collect and analyze business data to help you improve the customer experience and make data-driven business decisions.

To keep your agent up to date and ensure you have access to the latest features, see the PHP agent release notes.

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one.newrelic.com/apm > APM > (select an app): After installing the PHP agent, view a summary of your app's performance.

Get started.

Get an introduction to New Relic for PHP to learn what you can do with the PHP agent and how to get up and running.

Install the agent.

Get an installation overview and specific steps for standard installation on supported systems.

Configure the agent.

Use a variety of configuration options to further customize and fine-tune your installation.

PHP agent API.

Use the agent API to customize and extend your instrumentation.

Frameworks, libraries, databases.

View PHP agent compatibility and requirements. The agent also provides additional functionality for some frameworks and libraries.


See our full list of troubleshooting documentation for help on common issues.

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