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Get environment data about your APM app


You need an easy way to get information about your application's environment, such as:

  • What services a particular agent version is using
  • What apps have outdated agent versions
  • What hosts use which agents
  • What values apply to specific agent settings


To see which services and settings apply to an agent, or to see which agent uses a specific service or setting, go to one.newrelic.com. Click on your app in the list, then click Settings > Environment > Environment snapshot.

The Environment snapshot page helps you connect payloads from agents that include environment data, so you have a sense of what monitoring data is recorded. This also helps you more easily identify discrepancies across your services, and determine what might need to be updated.

In the following example, the user mouses over the second agent on the list. Most of the settings for this agent are consistent with others, but it's easy to see specific host settings for logical processors, physical cores, and Ruby patch levels. Also notice that this agent is using an earlier Ruby version.

one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > APM & services > Settings > Environment > Environment snapshot: To see specific settings that apply to an agent and its services, or to see which of a setting's values apply to specific agents, mouse over any agent or value.

Information on the Environment snapshot page depends on the APM agent you use. For example, apps using the Ruby agent show settings for gems, while apps using the Java agent show settings for jars.

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