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Extension and additional instrumentation modules

The Java agent is a fully-featured library that automatically collects data from many popular servers, frameworks, libraries, and datastores (for a full list, see Compatibility and requirements). It also has a significant feature set. However, there are always additional requests for functionality and instrumentation of new libraries. The Java agent provides extension modules for this purpose.

Extension modules fall into three general categories:

If your library isn't covered by the automatic instrumentation or by an instrumentation module, you can still collect data with custom instrumentation.


If you have feedback, questions, or problems with this instrumentation, create a post in New Relic's Support Forum, and tag your post with java_incubator.

Install extension modules

We recommend updating to the latest Java agent version before installing an extension module. To install an extension module:

  1. Download the appropriate .jar file from module lists below.
  2. Locate the directory that contains your newrelic.jar and newrelic.yml files. In that directory, create a sub-directory named extensions (if there is not already one there).
  3. Copy the .jar extension module you downloaded into the extensions directory.
  4. For Feature extension modules, update your newrelic.yml with feature-specific configuration.
  5. Restart your server.
  6. Send some traffic to the server or host that will exercise the feature or instrumentation.


Java agent extension modules are subject to the New Relic Java agent licenses, which are included in each module jar's LICENSE file.

Feature extension modules

Extension modules are additional libraries that add commonly-requested functionality.

To use the an extension module, download it and put it in the Extensions Directory.

Incubator instrumentation modules

Incubator modules are experimental instrumentation, which we may build into the agent's automatic instrumentation in the future.

These are the incubator modules that are currently available:

Archived instrumentation modules

Archived modules are instrumentation for libraries that are no longer maintained by the original company or author. Because the target library isn't being updated, our support for archived modules has designated end dates.

These are the archived modules that are currently available:

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