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Cross application tracing with Go

The Go agent supports cross application tracing (CAT). Cross application tracing links transactions between APM-monitored app, which is vital for applications implementing a service-oriented or microservices architecture.


Cross application tracing has been deprecated in favor of Distributed tracing and will be removed in a future agent version.

Enable cross application tracing with Go

You can enable or disable cross application tracing in the Go agent by using the CrossApplicationTracer.Enabled configuration flag.

Transaction and HTTP request guidelines with Go

Even with cross application tracing enabled, you'll need to make sure your application follows a few simple conventions when responding to HTTP(s) requests, making its own HTTP(s) requests, or creating its own transactions.

Get distributed tracing

New Relic also offers distributed tracing. Distributed tracing is an improvement on cross application tracing and is recommended for large, distributed systems.

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