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New Relic APIs

New Relic offers a variety of APIs and SDKs you can use to:

  • Retrieve data from the New Relic platform.

  • Insert data into New Relic.

  • Adjust configuration settings.

    Different New Relic products have their own APIs, so before you start using a specific API, it's a good idea to understand what the various APIs can do. Recommended reading:

  • Introduction to New Relic APIs

  • A developer-centric look at our APIs

New Relic Graph QL API explorer

api.newrelic.com/graphiql: Our NerdGraph GraphiQL explorer is one of the ways you can query and retrieve New Relic data.

Introduction to APIs.

See an overview of all APIs, including account admin and subscription usage data APIs.

New Relic's developer site.

Learn developer options for extending and customizing New Relic.

NerdGraph GraphiQL explorer.

Retrieve specified data with a single request, instead of making multiple calls.

APM agent APIs.

Use our language agent APIs to report custom transactions and make other customizations.

Alerts API.

Use the Alerts API to set up alerting solutions and to get data about your Alerts settings.

Synthetics APIs.

Manage Synthetics monitors and return monitor data.

View all APIs docs
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