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Alerts notification integrations

Alerts notification integrations allow you to connect specific services and platforms to the New Relic platform. You can use these connections to send notifications from New Relic. Through these notifications you get information about issues that need a review or that help you to take a decision about a detected problem.

Integration details

Read more about each of our specific notification integrations.

Migrate your legacy Slack destinations to the new Slack destination

To migrate your legacy Slack destinations to the new Slack destination follow these steps:

  1. Set up a new Slack destination.

  2. For each workflow that sends to the legacy Slack destination, do the following:

    • Find the Slack channel that was sent with the legacy notification, and save it.
    • Test the notification to see it works.

    • Remove the existing legacy Slack notifier.

    • Click Test workflow to confirm with a real issue matching the filter (if they exist).

    • Save the workflow.

API options

You can also use our NerdGraph API to view and configure destinations and notification channels.

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