No data appears (Python)


After waiting five minutes, none of your Python agent data appears in the New Relic UI.


To troubleshoot missing data:

  1. Ensure that you installed the agent on the same environment as your application. If you're using a virtual environment, install it there.
  2. Make sure your agent is up to date. If you downloaded it from the New Relic site rather than use pip or easy_install, compare your version number to the current release.
  3. Use New Relic Diagnostics to try to automatically identify the issue.
  4. Make sure data can get to the New Relic UI by running the Python agent test.
  5. Check for any special requirements for the web framework or web server you're using.
  6. Review the configuration file that was generated with the newrelic-admin generate-config command to make sure it contains the correct license key.
  7. Generate detailed logs for troubleshooting. Then check the log files for error messages. If the log file is missing, ensure that you have permissions to write to that location.

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