Generating logs for troubleshooting (PHP)


You encounter problems with your New Relic for PHP installation but are not sure what is the cause.


Monitoring your New Relic logs may help diagnose the problem. The New Relic PHP agent and daemon have their own logs. To monitor the logs:

  1. Check both logs for content:
  2. Set the log level for each to verbosedebug for more information:
  3. Restart your app.
  4. Collect 5 to 10 minutes of log time with your log level set to verbosedebug.

  5. Examine your logs and use the information to diagnose the problem.
  6. When you are finished troubleshooting, reset the logs' levels. Do not keep them at verbosedebug.

Watch the size of your log files. Depending on your application, they can grow very quickly.

For more help

For logging on all New Relic agents, see New Relic agent logs and troubleshooting.

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