Uninstall the Node.js agent

To uninstall the New Relic Node.js agent:

  1. Remove require('newrelic'); as the first line of the app's main module.
  2. Remove the npm package with npm uninstall newrelic --save.
  3. Delete the newrelic.js file and unset any environment variables being used.
  4. When the uninstall process finishes, restart your app.

For more information about installation, see Installing and maintaining Node.js.

You may also want to remove your app from the New Relic APM UI.

For more help

Additional documentation resources include:

Join the discussion about Node.js monitoring in the New Relic Online Technical Community! The Technical Community is a public platform to discuss and troubleshoot your New Relic toolset.

If you need additional help, get support at support.newrelic.com.