Java agent

With New Relic's Java agent, you can track everything from performance issues to tiny errors within your code. New Relic's Java agent monitors your Java app, and provides visibility into the behavior of your JVM. After installing, you'll be able to quickly monitor transactions, dive deep into errors, and more.

Get started. Get an introduction to New Relic for Java to learn what you can do with the Java agent and how to get up and running.

Configure the agent. Use a variety of configuration options to further customize and fine-tune your installation.

Java agent API. Use the agent API to customize and extend your instrumentation.

Java frameworks. The New Relic Java agent supports many Java frameworks, including Tomcat, Maven, and JBoss.

Troubleshoot. See our full list of troubleshooting documentation for help with common issues.

View a summary of your Java app's performance with APM.
APM > (selected app) > Overview: After installing the Java agent, view a summary of your app's performance.