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Go agent logging

New Relic for Go logging uses the standard Go log package and a New Relic Logger package. Logging is useful for troubleshooting your New Relic integration; for example, with installation or configuration problems.

Write log files

To use the Go agent methods for writing log and audit files, see log.go on the agent GitHub repo.

Logrus integration example

New Relic offers an integration for the Logrus logging system. Here is an example of using the New Relic Logrus integration in an application:

  1. Import both github.com/sirupsen/logrus and github.com/newrelic/go-agent/v3/integrations/nrlogrus.

  2. Set the log level and assign the Logger output to Logrus. For example:

    app, err := newrelic.NewApplication(
        newrelic.ConfigAppName("Your Application Name"),
        func(config *newrelic.Config) {
            config.Logger = nrlogrus.StandardLogger()

For more help

For logging on all New Relic agents, see New Relic agent logs and troubleshooting.

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