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New Relic AWS Lambda Extension: Enhanced Community Collaboration and Support

March 18, 2024

New Relic AWS Lambda is a Community Plus extension that is actively maintained and improved by New Relic engineers

The lightweight New Relic AWS Lambda extension runs alongside your AWS Lambda functions and allows you to collect, enhance, and transport telemetry data from your AWS Lambda functions to New Relic automatically, without requiring an external transport such as CloudWatch Logs or Kinesis.

Did you know that the New Relic AWS Lambda extension follows a “Community plus” approach? This means it benefits from a collaborative development process with active community involvement.

Let’s dive into what this entails for you:

  • Active maintainers: A dedicated team of engineers within New Relic maintains this project, ensures the extension's stability, and provides continuous improvement.

  • Open development: The code is on GitHub, welcoming your contributions through issues and pull requests.

  • Community support: The New Relic Explorers Hub, a vibrant community forum, is your one-stop shop for troubleshooting with fellow users and enthusiasts.

  • Comprehensive documentation: Everything you need to get started and leverage the extension's full potential is readily available in the project repository itself.

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