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Track the carbon footprint of your on-prem infrastructure with the Hardware Sentry integration

February 27, 2024

Monitor the hardware health, performance metrics, and sustainability indicators of your IT infrastructure with the pre-built quickstart

Hardware Sentry is Sentry Software's native OpenTelemetry solution that offers granular visibility into the health, power consumption, electricity costs, and CO2 emissions of on-prem IT infrastructure.

Now, you can use the Hardware Sentry quickstart to track sustainability metrics along with performance and health metrics for your on-prem hosts in a pre-built New Relic dashboard. In addition, by monitoring the energy usage of your hosts to quantify Watt-hours, dollar cost, and CO2 emissions, this integration helps you understand the financial and ecological footprint of your infrastructure.

With this new integration, you can:

  • Monitor complex and heterogeneous IT infrastructures: Monitor processors, memory modules, disks, network cards, and more to streamline on-premise IT infrastructure diagnosis and troubleshooting processes.
  • Analyze energy consumption: Effortlessly assess energy efficiency across multiple data centers using daily, monthly, or yearly power consumption metrics, without the need for costly smart power distribution units.
  • Improve environmental transparency: Monitor, assess, and report on CO2 emissions tied to data center energy consumption, enhancing visibility on organizations' environmental impact.
  • Optimize cooling expenses: Identify ideal data center temperature configurations to safely and efficiently reduce cooling costs.

Image showing Hardware Sentry quickstart dashboard for New Relic.

The integration also includes built-in alerts to stay on top of changes to important indicators like battery charge, devices in failing or warning states, non-responsive hosts, low disk endurance utilization and more.

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