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Gain performance insights and troubleshoot problems that occur over time with Preserved Traces

August 15, 2023

Easily identify intermittent errors and do deep root-cause analysis by accessing your viewed traces for over a year.

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We’ve improved New Relic troubleshooting capabilities by keeping the distributed traces you view for up to 395 days to allow long-term analysis across your application stack. By storing a snapshot of your trace data for longer periods of time, you can now gain insights into business processes, identify areas of improvement, and even help you better investigate incidents. You can also link your viewed traces from your bug and feature tickets for quick access for a complete view of your stack and faster issue resolution.

With New Relic Preserved Traces you can:

  • Easily save your traces: keep a trace snapshot simply viewing the trace, so you're able to better troubleshoot problems like intermittent errors and performance bottlenecks.
  • Find trace details faster: get the insights you need faster with direct links to traces that now include the context you need to conduct root-cause analysis (RCA).
  • Deeper transaction analysis: view and investigate trace data over time to improve issue identification, discover trends, and identify areas for improvement.

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