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Access distributed traces in context of errors inbox, APM errors, and logs

February 28, 2023

Surface correlated traces in one click with no additional configuration

Distributed tracing already provides a powerful view of requests across your entire system. Now with traces in context, you will automatically get relevant information for related traces in errors inbox, APM errors, and logs. With this new capability, you can deep dive into a trace in one click without losing context to understand system complexity and performance with less toil.

Get started

To start using traces in context, deploy or update to the latest APM, browser, and mobile agents to each service involved in the call path you're interested in. Traces in context will be immediately available upon upgrading.

Here are some examples of how you can view traces in context:

Errors inbox Click the Occurrences tab

View distributed traces in the occurrences tab of errors inbox

APM errors page In the APM errors page, click error group

View distributed traces in the error group in the APM errors page

APM log details page Click into the log details to see traces in context

View distributed traces in the log details panel

Learn more

Review the distributed tracing documentation and read our blog post.

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