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Collaborate with your teammates directly from New Relic

August 26, 2022

Now in preview, the new collaboration features help you streamline your workflow and resolve issues faster by keeping discussions along-side your data.

We’re making it easier for you to work effectively with your teams by adding collaboration capabilities to New Relic. You can now have discussions directly from the New Relic interface, eliminate app-switching, and reduce delays associated with fragmented discussions in emails and multiple Slack or Teams channels.

See how it works in the demo video below.

Key Features:

  • Add comments on any page and keep your discussions with your data.
  • Slack integration that syncs discussions on New Relic with threads in Slack, making it easier to collaborate with all of your teammates even outside New Relic. (MS Teams coming soon.)
  • Integrated screenshot tool to highlight problem areas, and effortlessly share them via email and Slack in a few clicks.
  • Capture institutional knowledge as you go with a searchable archive of ongoing discussions, answered questions, and resolved issues.

To test out the new collaboration features, sign up here.

Note: The collaboration features require your account to be on the New Relic One user model, and for you to be using our redesigned UI. If you’re not already using the new UI, head to your account menu at the top right corner, and toggle New Design to On.

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