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Infinite Tracing enhancements: EU & APAC. Browser, mobile, & Lambda

June 9, 2022

Smart sampling now supports more regions and use cases

There are some new enhancements and benefits of New Relic Infinite Tracing that are now available:

EU & APAC availability: Access to New Relic Infinite Tracing is now available to all customers in the European Union and Asia-Pacific regions. Customers can send all their traces to a regional service (trace observer) to decide what data to send to New Relic. This ensures customers have a low egress cost for tail-based sampling while also addressing regional compliance requirements.

Browser, mobile, and serverless support: View traces from the entire software stack with support for browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, and AWS Lambda monitoring. Front-end developers and cloud architects can now specify the types of browser, mobile, or serverless traces they care about and never miss a trace again.

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