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Synthetics update: Private locations in the new user interface

August 6, 2021

New Synthetic monitors now available in private locations

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Synthetic private locations are now available in the new UI, which means the User Step Monitor can be used in private locations, including several new steps that were recently added. This also means the new SSL Certificate Check and Broken Links Monitor will be available in private locations.

Summary of the Synthetics updates:

  1. Private Locations in the new view. Now customers will be able to use the new monitor types in private locations.
  2. SSL Certificate Check Monitor. This monitor type is easy to set up and checks the expiration and validity period on an SSL Certificate. Now in private locations.
  3. Broken Links Monitor. Just enter a URL and this monitor will check the entire page for broken links. Now available in private locations.
  4. Step Monitor updates. New steps available, including Double-Click Element, Select From Dropdown, Hover Element, Dismiss Modal, and Assert Title

Synthetics - New Step Builder Options Highlighted

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