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Monitor Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate integration with our public beta

July 1, 2021

Receive telemetry from Kube State Metrics, Kubelet, and cAdvisor for full observability for Kubernetes clusters running on EKS in Fargate.

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We are introducing New Relic's integration for Amazon EKS on AWS Fargate public beta. If you are interested in checking out the beta, please follow the steps found in the documentation.

Our EKS Fargate integration supports any Fargate setup, whether the cluster is only composed of Fargate nodes or if it also coexists with EC2 nodes.

The integration is also compatible with the New Relic One Kubernetes cluster explorer, providing a holistic view of a Kubernetes cluster and rapid troubleshooting.

Image showing the AWS EKS clusters with Fargate nodes

We've also improved the Kubernetes dashboard to list Fargate nodes and distinguish between standard and Fargate serverless nodes.

Check it out today.

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