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Diagnose issues faster with AIOps issue maps and more!

May 27, 2021

Introducing issue maps, incident analysis, and relevant dashboards

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Diagnose issues faster

New Relic Applied Intelligence already helps you and your teams diagnose problems faster by reducing alert noise by grouping alerts into one actionable issue and surfacing probable root cause. We’ve added even more functionality–issue maps, incident analysis, and links to relevant dashboards–to help you quickly diagnose the issue.

Issue maps

Helping you better visualize the relationships between impacted entities within issues in Applied Intelligence, issue maps help you assess the scope of an issue and identify any neighboring entities that may be affected. Learn more about dependancies and dig in for more details such as recent activity, tags, metrics, transactions, and related entities so you can quickly diagnose the cause of the issue.

Animated gif of Issue Maps

Incident analysis

In addition to surfacing possible root cause, you can dig into the individual incidents that make up the issue. Now, New Relic will perform automatic analysis on those specific signals, including datastore analysis with links to problematic queries, error analysis with links to code level stack traces, and external service call analysis, so you can more easily investigate the problem and diagnose issues quickly.

Relevant Dashboards

With no configuration, machine learning recommends relevant dashboards so that you can quickly jump in to gain more context. These recommendations will only get better with time and use.

Animated gif of Incident Analysis.gif

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