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Monitor your Lambda Response Streaming with New Relic

April 7, 2023

Keep track of volume of data and throughput for you Lambda Streaming function and prevent unexpected overages

New Relic has integrated with a new capability for AWS Lambda functions, AWS Lambda Response Streaming, which allows response payloads to be streamed back to clients. Customers can improve time to first byte (TTFB) performance on their latency sensitive applications by sending partial responses to clients as they become available. This feature also allows customers to return larger than 6MiB payload sizes and return binary content.

Using New Relic, along with other health and performance telemetry, you will now receive additional metrics to monitor the number of bytes (streamed outbound bytes) and throughput (streamed outbound throughput) of data generated by your streaming functions. As you are billed based on the number of bytes generated and streamed out of your Lambda function, having these metrics available ensures there you have visibility around your costs associated with this feature.

Note: At this point of time, you can get Lambda Response streaming telemetry only through our AWS integrations.

AWS Lambda Streaming metrics displayed in New Relic

AWS Lambda Streaming metrics displayed in New Relic
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