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New Relic vulnerability management public preview 90-day free trial now available

October 20, 2022

Access actionable security insights alongside your telemetry data with no additional configuration

New Relic vulnerability management integrates security in observability by providing actionable security insights alongside your telemetry data. Now you can see vulnerabilities, performance, and availability issues in one connected experience so you can quickly prioritize and remediate them in context, reducing overall risk more effectively.

Join the public preview 90-day trial and access security information across your entire software stack with:

  • All-in-one platform access: Access to all vulnerability management features with no additional configuration or instrumentation changes.

  • Automatic recommendations for libraries to address common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) that expose services to security risks. Correlated findings help you track and address what is important fast.

  • Open ecosystem to integrate security data from assessment tools like Snyk, Lacework, and Dependabot, alongside telemetry data to provide observable security in context to eliminate data silos.

  • Trial available through Jan 31, 2022. Generally available early next year with Data Plus.

Get started with your 90-day free trial or check out our docs.

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