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New Relic Data Plus now allows you to analyze larger data volumes through long running queries.

August 25, 2022

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Analyze larger volumes of data with long running queries

After the launch of Data Plus in June, we are continuing to support and help your teams scale their observability practices. Many organizations pull in large amounts of events and data from their systems which can too much data to efficiently run queries for troubleshooting. Today, Data Plus customers can utilize longer running queries (up to 10x the the previous maximum duration) to analyze larger data volumes efficiently. Data Plus customers get a max query duration of up to 10 minutes via NerdGraph (New Relic's GraphQL API) and up to two minutes via regular NRQL query builder, compared to 60 seconds for the existing data option. Learn how to run queries via our NerdGraph API.

In addition to more powerful and 10x longer-running queries, Data Plus also includes:

  • Up to 90 days of data retention
  • FedRAMP and HIPAA compliance (Pro and Enterprise customers only)
  • Logs obfuscation
  • Cloud provider choice (coming soon)
  • Enhanced streaming and historical data export (coming September)
  • Vulnerability management (coming soon)

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How to Sign up for Data Plus

  1. Understand the new pricing mode and upgrade to Data Plus here at a promotional pricing model of $.50/GB.

  2. Learn more about about longer running queries on our GraphQL API or get started querying your data using NRQL.

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