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Infrastructure agent v1.12.0

July 20, 2020


A new version of the agent has been released. Follow standard procedures to update your Infrastructure agent.

Processes metrics can be enabled for new accounts

By default, the Infrastructure agent doesn't send data about the operating system's processes. The agent still collects such data, unless metrics_process_sample_rate is set to -1.

The sending of processes data to New Relic can be manually enabled by setting enable_process_metrics to true. To fine-tune which processes you want to monitor, configure include_matching_metrics.

Accounts and subaccounts created before July 20, 2020 have enable_process_metrics set to true by default; this can be overridden by setting a different value in the config file.



  • 1c06e93 Improved the handling of child process on Windows.
  • 3394abd Fixed a bug where Logs in Context wouldn't map to an application when using the Infrastructure forwarder
  • Updated KMS Secrets management to work correctly with credential_file and config_file.
  • Removed some potential race conditions in the agent which should improve the stability of the agent.
  • Fixed issue where storage sample would sometimes not report storage devices correctly.


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