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Docs version: March 8–14, 2024

March 15, 2024


We're trying out release notes to let you know what's changing in our docs each week. This is an experiment, so let us know via GitHub issue if you find them helpful!

New docs

Release notes and What's new posts

Major changes

  • Cleaned up and simplifed the left nav across our NRQL docs.
  • Reviewed and rewrote on-host integration docs for MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL to make it easier to install and ensure the docs are accurate and up to date.
  • Added tab and step components to our OpenTelemetry Java tutorial and Python tutorial docs to clarify different instrumentation paths.
  • Added missing dimensional metrics to AWS integrations metrics.
  • Improved styling of various docs site components:
    • Updated colors to improve readability and consistency with the product.
    • Removed "Go to product" component from left nav.
    • Removed hexagon background color from our docs logo.
    • Added right-nav feedback form to our interactive installation docs.
    • Removed sign-up banners from various docs.
    • Increased popover text size.

Smaller updates

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