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Node.js agent release notesRSS

January 5, 2021
Node.js agent v7.1.0


  • Added Fastify v3 support.
  • Upgraded grpc version.


  • Fixed SQL traces being generated with invalid ID.
  • Fixed log message for minimum supported Node.js version.
  • Fixed empty log message for Infinite Tracing connections.
  • Fixed bug that prevented users from changing Infinite Tracing queue size.

December 1, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.2


  • Fixes a bug where the http.statusCode attribute was not being captured for an async invoked lambda.
  • Fixed typos in code comments, documentation, and debugging logger messages. Thank you @TysonAndre for the contribution.

November 17, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.1


  • Fixed a bug where spans queued up during backpressure situations would be improperly formatted and ultimately dropped when sent to an Infinite Tracing trace observer.
  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js to version v1.2.0.
  • Updated tap to clear up npm audit issues around lodash sub-dependency.

November 9, 2020
Node.js agent v7.0.0


  • Added official parity support for Node 14

  • Dropped Node v8.x support. For further information on our support policy, see: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/agents/nodejs-agent/getting-started/compa....

    • Removed Node v8.x from CI
    • Adds check that minimum Node version is >=10 and warns if >=15
    • Sets Node engine to >=10
    • BREAKING Dropped support for Node v8.x HTTP get() function signature
    • Strictly uses global.URL class in http core instrumentation
    • Removes Nodejs 8.x - 9.x checks
    • Update New Relic Dependencies to versions with updated Node version support
    • @newrelic/aws-sdk v3.0.0
    • @newrelic/koa v5.0.0
    • @newrelic/native-metrics v6.0.0
    • @newrelic/superagent v4.0.0
    • @newrelic/test-utilities v5.0.0
  • BREAKING Removed deprecated setIgnoreTransaction API method

  • BREAKING Removed deprecated httpResponseCode, response.status and httpResponseMessage http response attributes

  • BREAKING Removed the api.custom_parameters_enabled configuration item and associated environment variable NEW_RELIC_API_CUSTOM_PARAMETERS. Please use api.custom_attributes_enabled instead

  • BREAKING Removed deprecated Distributed Tracing API methods, createDistributedTracePayload() and acceptDistributedTracePayload()

  • Finalized removal of ignored_params and capture_params

  • Added additional logging to W3C Trace Context header creation

October 28, 2020
Node.js agent v6.14.0


We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If your organization has established practices that prevent you from upgrading to the latest version, ensure that your agents are regularly updated to a version at most 90 days old. Read more about keeping your agent up to date.


  • Fixed issue where gRPC connection used for infinite tracing could throw if the server shutdown during disconnect of an existing connection.
  • Fixed bug where errors would still be collected for transactions with ignored error status codes in certain situations.


  • Added Node 14 to CI test coverage.

    Many thanks to @jgeurts for the contribution.

  • Bumped @grpc/grpc-js to 1.1.7.

  • Bumped @grpc/proto-loader to ^0.5.5.

  • Updated README for consistency.

  • Converted errors ignore unit tests to tap API.

  • Infinite tracing logging and support metric improvements.

    • Increased logging level of certain infinite tracing / gRPC errors.
    • Decreased logging interval of dropped span warning for infinite tracing.
    • Added additional support metrics and logging for infinite tracing.

October 13, 2020
Node.js agent v6.13.2


  • Removed lodash as a development dependency

  • Check for named pipe existence before each flush

    This removes the cached value used in 6.13.1


  • Update shim documentation

    Thank you to @ronen-e for the contribution!

September 24, 2020
Node.js agent v6.13.1


  • Fixed named-pipe check for lambda invocations to avoid race-condition.

    Named-pipe existence will now be checked just prior to first write and then cached.


  • Updated README with community-plus header.
  • Updated README config copy example.
  • Added Open Source Policy workflow.
  • Removed repository CoC in favor of centralized CoC at org root.

August 25, 2020
Node.js agent v6.13.0

New Features

  • Added ability for the agent to write to a named pipe, instead of stdout, when in serverless mode.

August 20, 2020
Node.js agent v6.12.1


  • Security fix: Resolves an issue where transaction traces will still capture the request URI when the Node.js agent is configured to exclude the 'request.uri' attribute. This can be problematic for certain customers in environments where sensitive information is included in the URI. See security bulletin NR20-02.

    The request URI will now be excluded from transaction traces if the 'request.uri' attribute has been set to be excluded at either the top-level 'attributes.exclude' configuration or at the 'transaction_tracer.attributes.exclude' configuration.

August 10, 2020
Node.js agent v6.12.0


  • Updated guidelines and templates for contributing to the project.
  • Updated SECURITY.md with coordinated disclosure program link.
  • Upgrade async to v3.2.0. Special thanks to Yohan Siguret (@Crow-EH) for the contribution.
  • Bumped @newrelic/native-metrics to ^5.3.0.
  • Bumped @newrelic/aws-sdk to ^2.0.0.
  • Bumped node-test-utilities to ^4.0.0.
  • Bumped @newrelic/superagent to ^3.0.0.
  • Bumps @newrelic/koa to ^4.0.0.


  • Fixes obfuscation of SQL queries with large data inserts. Special thanks to Tomáš Hanáček (@tomashanacek) for tracking down the issue and providing the fix.
  • On failed instrumentation, prevent multiple requires from re-wrapping shims. Special thanks to Ryan Copley (@RyanCopley) for the contribution.

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