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Node.js agent v9.11.0

March 8, 2023Download


  • Added instrumentation for Prisma(@prisma/client).
    • Miniumum supported version of @prisma/client is 4.0.0.
    • Captures spans for queries.
      • It names them based on the model and action.(i.e. Datastore/statement/Prisma/user/create)
      • For statements and queries using the $queryRaw, $executeRaw, $queryRawUnsafe, and $executeRawUnsafe the names will be aligned with the raw SQL.(i.e. Datastore/statement/Prisma/User/select)
    • Captures database metrics for all statements and queries.
    • Captures SQL Traces.
    • Provides connection between application and database server via service maps.

Huge shoutout to @osmanmrtacar for the original contribution

  • Updated @grpc/protoloader from 0.7.4 to 0.7.5.
  • Updated @grpc/grpc-js from 1.8.7 to 1.8.8.

Support statement:

  • New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you're getting the latest features and performance benefits. Additionally, older releases will no longer be supported when they reach end-of-life.
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