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.NET agent v5.17.59.0

April 4, 2016

New Features

New Features

  • Added support for Stack Exchange Redis strongly named assembly: StackExchange.Redis.StrongName.
  • Added support for the "CustomSegmentTracerFactory" custom instrumentation option. See docs for example usage.
  • Async mode: Added support for NpgsqlCommand asynchronous methods (such as ExecuteReaderAsync) when the agent is in Async mode.
  • Async mode: Explain plans for MS SQL and MySQL commands are now available when the agent is in Async mode.


  • Async mode: Fixed a bug that prevented SQL activity from being recorded in transactions.
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect namespace of the default asynchronous wrapper was used. The incorrect name was "NewRelic.Agent.Core.Wrapper.DefaultWrapperAsync" and is now "NewRelic.Providers.Wrapper.CustomInstrumentationAsync.DefaultWrapperAsync". Any customers that had created a custom instrumentation file and put the incorrect name in it as a workaround should change it to the correct name.
  • Duplicate custom parameters will now be logged as Debug level, providing a minor performance improvement.


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