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.NET agent v2.25.208.0

April 23, 2014


The end-of-life date for this agent version is July 29, 2019. To update to the latest agent version, see Update the agent. For more information, see End-of-life policy.



  • Removed unnecessary instrumentation of an ASP.NET pipeline execution method.
  • When automatically inserting the browser monitoring javascript, the agent now assures that a charset meta-tag continues to fall within the first 512 bytes of the document. Prior to this fix, insertion of the javascript may have pushed the charset meta-tag past the first 512 bytes, which would cause the character set not to be set, resulting in the browser setting the default to something that may not be what the developer intended.


  • Fixes an issue where the Real User Monitoring Javascript was being injected into the page more than once because the response stream was being chunked.
  • Fixes a problem where Unicode characters were not being correctly written to the page in some cases when Browser Monitoring was enabled in the agent.
  • Fixes an issue where log files from the .NET Agent for Azure Websites were not being put in the correct location.
  • Calling SetTransactionName via the NewRelic API will now behave correctly in background transactions.
  • Fixes a bug where browser monitoring data was not captured when using Server-Side Configuration and Enterprise Security.
  • Fixes an issue where when disabling Real User Monitoring in the New Relic UI the value set was not properly overriding the local configuration on the server.
  • Fixes an issue where disabling the error collector in server-side configuration did not actually disable error collection by the agent.
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