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Java agent v5.2.0

June 26, 2019Download
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  • MongoDB

    This release adds instrumentation for mongo-java-driver clients created using the MongoClients class Previous versions of the agent only supported the MongoClient() constructor Note: The MongoDB Asynchronous Java Drivers are not yet supported.

  • Custom request header attributes

    The Java agent now provides a new configuration option to report HTTP request header(s) as transaction attributes. See the documentation for more details.

  • Distributed tracing

    Datastore span events now include a db.collection attribute. This field represents the collection or primary table name for the associated query. It is accessible in Insights, Distributed Tracing, and anywhere you get your favorite spans.

  • GC Time

    The Java agent now records time spent waiting for garbage collection during the duration of a transaction and includes the GC time on the corresponding transaction trace as well as the transactions time chart.

    This setting is configurable as follows in the newrelic.yml:

gc_time_enabled: true


  • Fixes an issue where very long-running transactions with a large number of segments would cause an excessive amount of memory usage. The agent will no longer trace segments once the segment_limit has been reached.


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