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Simplify crash analysis with New Relic Mobile User Journeys

April 11, 2024

Instantly map out and understand the full sequence of user interactions preceding a crash, ensuring insight into each critical interaction

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Limited visibility into user interactions before a crash can severely restrict your ability to diagnose errors, understand their root causes, and identify patterns and trends in recurring issues, ultimately preventing you from proactively optimizing the user experience across mobile applications.

To overcome these challenges, we are thrilled to announce New Relic Mobile User Journeys, an integral part of our Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions. This update goes beyond reactive measures by providing a comprehensive view of every user interaction leading up to a crash, thereby enabling teams to anticipate and prevent potential disruptions before they affect the user experience.

Overview of Mobile User Journeys


Thanks to advanced analytics and pattern recognition, New Relic Mobile User Journeys offers unparalleled precision in streamlining the identification of trends and crash patterns. It features:

  • Instant visualization of crash patterns: Visualize all user journeys leading up to crashes, facilitating the identification of common sequences and root causes. This enables rapid pinpoint of commonalities, faster resolutions, and enhanced user experiences.
  • Analysis of crashes in context: With a single click, gain deep insights into any user action leading up to the crash, including app version, device, OS, and carrier, to identify issues specific to certain configurations.
  • Tracing of individual user journeys: Speed up issue resolution by pinpointing the exact user action that triggered an error. Analyze the event trails of users who experienced crashes to quickly identify and address the root cause, ensuring proactive issue resolution.

New Relic Mobile User Journeys represents a significant advancement in our mission to offer holistic observability solutions. It equips teams with the necessary tools to foresee, analyze, and rectify issues before they escalate, setting a new standard for proactive DEM.

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