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Gain daily insights on AWS RDS cluster health with database summary tiles.

October 21, 2023

Get a better understanding and close monitoring gaps of your databases in APM 360

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New Relic APM 360 already lets you unlock daily insights through a unified view of your telemetry across your entire stack and development stages. The latest enhancement includes database summary tiles to the APM 360 databases view. With the tiles:

  • Gain daily database insights: Keep track of your database's health through the alert tile, displaying the number of related database entities in critical or alert status in a single view.
  • Eliminate monitoring gaps: Easily identify monitoring gaps to achieve a holistic view of your database health using guided onboarding workflows for easy setup of missing alerts or instrumentation.

This feature is currently available only for AWS RDS clusters, with support for other databases in the coming months.

AWS RDS cluster health

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