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The New Relic Azure Monitor integration is available

May 23, 2023

Easily collect all your Azure metrics using Azure Monitor

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The Azure Monitor integration is available! This integration gives you real-time visibility into your Azure services, so you can more effectively manage your infrastructure.

What you get from the Azure Monitor integration

  1. The ability to ingest metrics from all Azure services supported by Azure Monitor.
  2. Native dimensional metrics experience for queries, alerts, and data explorer.
  3. Azure entities with golden metrics and built-in dashboards.
  4. Metrics decorated with custom tags defined in Azure resources.
  5. Faster metric polling intervals, up to one minute.
  6. The ability to filter your monitored resources by group, type, and tags.

To get started, learn more about the Azure Monitoring integration, or see how to migrate to the Azure Monitor integration.

If you have feedback about the integration, go to one.newrelic.com > Help > Give Us Feedback, and send us your thoughts.

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