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Connect error analysis and triage workflow with the redesigned errors experience

April 13, 2023

Get full error visibility to go from analysis to resolution in a few clicks

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We've designed the new errors experience to seamlessly connect your error analysis and triage workflow so you can resolve errors faster before they severely affect your customers. With this new experience, you will get:

  • Data filtering and discovery capabilities for comprehensive data analysis: Slice and dice your data to conduct a more thorough analysis of errors that occur. Updates include:
    • Ability to filter by attributes
    • Error group summaries at the dynamic group level
    • Visibility into attributes for any dynamic error group via Profiles
  • Error details in context to reduce mental load & context switching: Get insight into filters applied for a particular error occurrence, as well as previous grouped-by selections at the detailed view to eliminate the need for context-switching.
  • Seamless transition from analysis to triage to act on errors with confidence and speed: Access triage capabilities within a single screen to reduce time needed to detect, analyze and triage error occurrences. This feature now connects each individual error occurrence to the error group that it belongs to.

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