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In general, we only capitalize things when we need to. Over use of capitalization is distracting and limits accessibility for our readers with vision impairment. Read on for some guidelines on how to decide what to capitalize in a document's title, headings, products, features, and other elements of the page.

Use sentence case in headings

Use sentence case for headings. This includes category headings and document titles. With sentence case, capitalize only the first letter of:

  • The first word
  • Proper nouns
  • Acronyms and abbreviations

We have some exceptions:


Use sentence case for graphical illustrations such as diagrams and figures. Explore our Screenshots and images document for more information on our image guidelines.

Products and features

For detailed capitalization information, see Product, capability, and feature capitalization and usage. For guidelines for capitalization in the UI, go to the UI writing page on capitalization.

UI elements and UI page paths



We use sentence case and bold for UI elements, even if the UI element is in a different case in the UI.

"From the Transactions page, select Transaction traces and..."

We use sentence case and bold for each element in a path that references UI pages.

Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > APM & services > Transactions > Transaction traces > (select a trace) > Another thing.

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