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Certifications, standards, and regulations

This document describes New Relic's products and services as they relate to regulatory framework compliance status.

Updated on March 8, 2024.

Certifications, standards, and regulations

For detailed information, see the documentation on the specific certifications, standards, and regulations:

Customer risk management

All New Relic services are intended to be covered by our compliance programs. However, a new service may not be covered by one or more of our compliance programs at any given time throughout the year. This is primarily dependent on when the service achieved General Availability (GA) status and the timing of the specific compliance program's annual authorization, certification, or assessment.

Your organization is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Depending on the sensitivity of the data you are sending and processing in the New Relic services, you may be able to use any New Relic service regardless of its compliance program status subject to your requirements applicable to such data.

If you choose to use New Relic services that are not yet in our compliance program scope, you assume the responsibility to review, understand, and risk-manage your security controls as you deem appropriate. You also have the option to wait for New Relic to authorize these services before you use them.

For more help

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