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Ruby agent v9.4.0

August 15, 2023Download


We recommend updating to the latest agent version as soon as it's available. If you can't upgrade to the latest version, update your agents to a version no more than 90 days old. Read more about keeping agents up to date.

See the New Relic Ruby agent EOL policy for information about agent releases and support dates.


Version 9.4.0 of the agent adds Roda instrumentation, adds a new allow_all_headers configuration option to permit capturing all HTTP headers, introduces improved error tracking functionality by associating a transaction id with each error, and uses more reliable network timeout logic.

  • Feature: Add Roda instrumentation

    Roda is a now an instrumented framework. The agent currently supports Roda versions 3.19.0+. PR#2144

  • Feature: New allow_all_headers configuration option

    A new allow_all_headers configuration option brings parity with the Node.js agent to capture all HTTP request headers.

    This configuration option:

    • Defaults to false
    • Is not compatible with high-security mode
    • Requires Rack version 2 or higher (as does Ruby on Rails version 5 and above)
    • Respects all existing behavior for the attributes.include and attributes.exclude configuration options
    • Captures the additional headers as attributes prefixed with request.headers.

    This work was done in response to a feature request submitted by community member @jamesarosen. Thank you very much, @jamesarosen! Issue#1029

  • Feature: Improved error tracking transaction linking

    Errors tracked and sent to the New Relic errors inbox will now be associated with a transaction id to enable improved UI/UX associations between transactions and errors. PR#2035

  • Feature: Use Net::HTTP native timeout logic

    In line with current Ruby best practices, make use of Net::HTTP's own timeout logic and avoid the use of Timeout.timeout() when possible. The agent's data transmissions and cloud provider detection routines have been updated accordingly. PR#2147

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