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Test alert notification channels

Test your channel so you're confident about receiving relevant alert notifications before your customers experience problems. You can test specified conditions like web app response time or synthetics monitoring.

Read about how to request and troubleshoot an alert notification channel test.


We're replacing notification channels with more powerful workflows. Existing notifications will be automatically migrated to workflows that provide more options, flexibility, and control and you can enrich notifications with additional data. Learn about workflows

Request the test

To test a notification channel:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Alerts & AI > Channels.
  2. Follow standard procedures to add a new notification channel or to update an existing notification channel, and save it.
  3. Select a notification channel, and then click Send a test notification.
  4. Review the test confirmation message, and then click Got it.

Troubleshoot the test results

A confirmation message will automatically show up in the user interface that indicates where the test was sent (for example, email) and whether it was successful. Also, the test notification message itself includes detailed information, including:

  • The person who requested the test
  • Links to policies for the channel
  • Links to all notification channels and policies for the account


When troubleshooting problems, review the test notification message, and verify the setup requirements for the type of notification channel you selected. If necessary, make additional changes to your notification channel, and test it again as needed.

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