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PHP agent v5.0.0.115

October 26, 2015

New Features

  • Users can now delete applications from the UI after 20 minutes of inactivity. Previously, this required a restart of the New Relic PHP daemon.

Upgrade Notices

  • We rearchitected the daemon to enable future improvements.
  • Daemon log levels are now simpler. While verbose and verbosedebug will still work, debug now gives you all the debugging information. Agent log levels remain unchanged.

End of Life Notices

  • For the few customers who start the daemon manually, the newly renamed command-line flags can be found with the -h or --help flags. The following old flags will be removed in a future release:
    • [-p pidfile]
    • [-d level]
    • [-c config]
    • [-l logfile]
    • [-P port]
    • [-s]
    • [-n]
    • [-b SSL-certificate-bundle]
    • [-S SSL-certificate-path]
    • [-H host]
    • [-x proxy]
    • [-a auditlog]
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