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Improve your code and release quality with New Relic

High quality code and high quality releases are crucial for an organization to innovate and grow. Poor quality code diverts engineering time that could use to innovate, instead wasting it on troubleshooting and fixing. High quality releases will help keep a steady userbase by keeping customers happy. Poor quality releases and poor quality code both have a strong negative impact on customer satisfaction and revenue.

This tutorial helps you identify specific key performance indicators and processes that drive stability through code and release quality improvement. It focuses on improving the quality of your development first, then improving the quality of your releases.

You're a good candidate for using this guide if:

  • You're not currently measuring code quality.
  • Your code quality is perceived as poor.
  • You don't understand where your developers are spending their time.
  • Your organization suffers from too many outages due to application defects.

Before you begin

You should be familiar with the New Relic platform before you can use it to improve your development quality. If you're totally new to our platform, no worries! You can take this New Relic University course to get you up to speed fast. It's also a good idea to familarize yourself with the following:

Improve your development quality

Learn how to use New Relic to improve the quality of your code base cycles

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