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Migrate from Datadog to New Relic

You can decide to switch data monitoring products for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, you can try New Relic for yourself without needing to fully migrate your stack over from Datadog. We've provided a series of tutorials to help you get started monitoring your system with New Relic, as well as understanding how New Relic observability works. Below, you'll find information on setting up monitoring for infrastructure, applications, and logs, as well as dashboards and to help you really control your data.

The only prerequisite is a New Relic account: sign-up for free and you're ready to get started!

Use entities for full-stack observability

At New Relic, we use the concept of entities to help us divide up and organize data. Essentially, anything that reports data to or contains data for New Relic that can be identified with a unique ID is an entity. We use a powerful mapping system to fully link entities together. For you, that means more granular and transparent monitoring of nearly any data type from nearly any source. All this to let you see exactly the data your care about at any level, without cluttering up your monitoring with things you don't want or need.

Exploring premade dashboards

Wouldn't it be great if you could see all your observability data without having to set anything up? New Relic offers curated interfaces to give you just that and more. From the moment you start ingesting data, you'll have access to highly detailed levels of information from the get-go, as well a host of easy to use features that let you sort, find, contextualize, and investigate that data with just a click or two.

This tutorial series will cover these curated interfaces in the form of premade dashboards for infrastructure, application, and log monitoring. We'll also show you where to go to find hundreds of preconfigured dashboards for our other features. Spend less time setting up your tools and more time actually using them with New Relic.

Trying out New Relic

If you want to try out our platform for yourself, you can follow the procedures below to start ingesting data and setting up alerts and dashboards. If you just want to learn more about our features and jump right in, see the final doc in the series on making the switch over to New Relic instead.

1Start ingesting data

Start by ingesting your data


2Create dashboards

Then, learn how to navigate the New Relic UI and set up your dashboards


3Making the switch

Ready to make the full switch over from Datadog? Get started with everything you need here!

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