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Create alerts and dashboards

Setting up monitors for your data is the foundation of observability, but it's only half of the equation. You need to be able to visualize your data, group streams together, and be notified when your system runs into issues that negatively affect your users. You need to be able to do all this from a centralized location, and be able to adapt to the changing data needs of your organization by curating new visualizations on-the-fly.

Where New Relic entities can give you scores of data to observe, our dashboards and alerts come in to help you make the most of it. You can use our pre-configured options to setup solutions out of the box, or use NRQL, New Relic's Query Language, to create custom dashboard components and alert policies that are as fine-tuned to your requirements as you need want them to be. And like all our other features, you can try out dashboards and alerts using your own data for free.

Your dashboarding solution

Our dashboards take the data you put into New Relic and provide you with a wide array of visualizations to suit your needs. You can make them as wide-viewed or as detailed as you like, and use them to troubleshoot issues before they become problems. Our dashboards give you:

  • Analysis into your system, letting you correlate issues and act on them fast
  • In-depth views of your network, infrastructure, applications, logs, and anything else you need
  • Eliminate data silos and view your entire stack at a glance
  • Report on custom information from virtually any data source

Your alerting solution

Being able to see your data is great, but being able to act on it to correct or prevent errors is even better! New Relic gives you multiple ways to customize alerts for your unique requirements while helping to eliminate alert fatigue. We offer proactive awareness for your problems, utilizing machine learning and applied intelligence to enhance our policies. Our alerts:

  • Give you both preconfigured and from scratch creation options
  • Constantly detect the anomalies you care about the most
  • Notify the right people at the right time, eliminating confusion in dealing with issues
  • Prioritize alert importance, reducing clutter and helping you keep track of what's really important

1Install infrastructure agents

Set up observability for your infrastructure

2Install APM agents

Set up monitoring for your apps and services

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