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Get data into New Relic

There are many ways to get data into your New Relic account. Any New Relic user can use any of our data ingest methods to report data to our Telemetry Data Platform.

New Relic-built agents and integrations

When you enable New Relic solutions like APM, browser monitoring, mobile monitoring, infrastructure monitoring, or any of our wide array of integrations, by default you'll receive data from your monitored applications, hosts, services, or other entities.

To browse all New Relic-built tools and solutions, see New Relic integrations.

Agent APIs

Some of our monitoring solutions come with APIs and/or SDKs that allow you to customize the data reported and how it reports. For more information, see the relevant product:

Telemetry SDKs

If our more curated solutions don't work for you, our open source Telemetry SDKs let you build your own solution. These SDKs are language wrappers for our data-ingest APIs (below) that let you send telemetry data to New Relic without requiring install of an agent.

APIs for sending metrics, traces, logs, and events

If our more curated solutions don't work for you, we also have data-ingest APIs:

To learn about the differences between these data types, see Data types.

New Relic One applications

You can build entirely custom applications that reside in New Relic One and make use of any data you want. You can use existing open source New Relic One apps, or share your own with the open source community. For details, see New Relic One applications.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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